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Making Music - Digital Audio Workstation for beginners & nerds

Example of a nerdy digital music computer system

FOR BEGINNERS: Soundtrap Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software

Soundtrap is an in-browser Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It can be used with iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and MSWindows. Soundtrap requires connection to Internet but does NOT require installation of additional software.

Use Google CHROME browser if accessing Soundtrap from any desktop computer

Soundtrap is (claimed to be) 100% compatible with Google classroom (Google partner), allowing students/class groups to record within a teacher specified framework and/or collaboratively with other authorised students around the world.

Soundtrap offers FREE accounts with restricted features (but more than enough for most simple classroom projects).

The FREE version allows access to 5 projects, 480 loops and 125 instruments. A premium subscription is available for $10 per month, which includes unlimited projects, 1290 loops and 152 instruments.

All compositions can be easily exported as MP3. MIDI files can be uploaded and fully supported for use with all Soundtrap features. MIDI compositions can be edited/exported/downloaded in MP3 format, but NOT currently exported or downloaded in MIDI format.

There are also FREE 30-day accounts for 50 users (Starter Pack)… or for any number of users (on application). Optionally, free trials are available for whole schools (on application)!

An education package offers additional student protection and teacher administration features at special, education pricing for bona-fide schools.

Soundtrap for education has only recently been launched (November 2016), We are working on educational material, but do not yet have a date for when it will be available. Meanwhile, we recommend our current, non-education video tutorials

For more information about Soundtrap for Education, please visit Soundrap for Education

Example: Using Soundtrap To Collaborate, Create & Share Music

Soundtrap is simple to use but maintains essential features. It features some built-in instruments playable via keyboard, and a drum kit with built-in effects.

Browse the Soundtrap Youtube channel for additional information.

How to to create and manage a Soundtrap assignment in Google Classroom

Example advanced tutorial - How to compose music using 'tracks'

Soundtrap optional school EDU packages (NOT free - approx $10 per student per year) include:

  • Create and manage student groups and classes via Soundtrap
  • Create assignments and remote lessons via Soundtrap
  • Restrict all access vi Soundtrap 'walled garden' and protected environment
  • Fully compliant with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

General Soundtrap information/examples/tutorials:

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