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 +To apply for '​write'​ access, contact: <​webmaster@steampunks.org>​
 +<WRAP homemenu half column>
 +  - **[[:​brainbox:​home|S.T.E.A.M. PROJECT IDEAS]]**
 +  - **[[https://​goo.gl/​X633vd|QUIZ:​ ELECTRICITY]]**
 +  - **[[https://​goo.gl/​97aAqp|QUIZ:​ HEAT]]**
 +  - **[[https://​goo.gl/​forms/​2UHbVI5GhL|QUIZ:​ SOUND]]**
 +  - **[[https://​goo.gl/​forms/​H7llGKsB4L|QUIZ:​ FORCES & MOTION]]**
 +</​WRAP><​WRAP homemenu half column>
 +  - **[[:​teaching:​stem:​home|TEACHING S.T.E.A.M.]]**
 +  - **[[:​teaching:​how-to-teach-science:​home|TEACHING SCIENCE]]**
 +  - **[[:​learn:​natural-selection:​discover:​home|PLANTS & ANIMALS]]**
 +  - **[[http://​goo.gl/​forms/​b6QzLLOAw8|QUIZ:​ NEUROSCIENCE]]**
 +  - **[[:​teaching:​learning-difficulties:​home|LEARNING DIFFICULTIES]]**
 +<WRAP clear> </​WRAP>​
 +{{:​public:​guinea-pig-780x420.jpg?​780x420|'​A guinea for your thoughts...'​}}
 +<WRAP box>
 +Despite our best efforts, all the evidence shows that most kids go through school holding deep-rooted ideas that bear no relation to our modern understanding about the natural/​physical world in which we live.
 +More than fifty years of research, and millions of data points, show that our k-12 education systems and teaching/​text-book resources have failed to remedy this problem. ((Teaching of science in NSW - https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=l265OGIGKmo)) (([[https://​nsf.gov/​news/​news_summ.jsp?​cntn_id=131403&​org=NSF&​from=news|National Science Foundation]])) (([[http://​www.textbookleague.org/​103feyn.htm|Judging Books By Their Cover - Richard Feyman]]))
 +Recent Australian research by Dr Derek Muller (//​University of Sydney//) ((How to teach science - https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=l265OGIGKmo)) suggests that the conventional,​ explicit teaching of STEM (science) in NSW schools mostly perpetuates and re-enforces fundamental misconceptions about how the world works. ((Dr Derek Muller'​s PHD thesis - http://​www.physics.usyd.edu.au/​super/​theses/​PhD(Muller).pdf))
 +Attending one of our hands-on workshops might help //you// to make a difference.
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