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 +====== Private Home Folders ======
 +=== To create your private home folder: ===
 +First, [[:​private:​your.decid:​|CLICK HERE]]
 +If the folder does not already exist, you will see a '​Permission Denied'​ message - ignore it.
 +1. Edit the URI in browser address bar (above) & enter your DEC login ID as follows:
 +2. Edit the URI & replace '​your.decid'​ with your DEC login ID: (e.g. '​jane.doe2'​)
 +NOTE the ':​home'​ must be retained after your name: (e.g. '​jane.doe2:​home'​)
 +3. Press ENTER and then click on '​Create this page' in the menu bar..
 +To visit your folder in future, bookmark the page or use the URI described above.
 +=== See example screen shots: ===