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2016 STEAM Engagement - Teaching Simple Machines in Primary School

IT’S not every day you can convince your dad to pick you up from school in a helicopter, but for Riley Sharrock it was always a possibility.

The Eleebana Public School student was whisked away on Thursday afternoon when his dad, Dwayne, landed on the school’s football field.

The former RAAF pilot had organised with assistant principal Debbie Evans to visit the school in a chopper as part of a program aimed at sparking an interest in future career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

2017 - ACSA - Always start with a misconception

Australian Curriculum Studies Association - 2017 Australian Curriculum Conference

  • Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 October 2017
  • SHORE Sydney Church of England Grammar School
  • Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW

By asking ‘What if?’, this exciting conference will present a dynamic range of views on how we can embrace the complexities of curriculum, explore diverse perspectives and contested issues, radically rethink learning and teaching, and bring creative and innovative curriculum to scale. What if we radically rethought learning, teaching, and assessment of curriculum to meet the needs of all learners? 1)

2018 - The year the app died?

Long live the 'Progressive Web'

2019 - Personal Outsourcing Conference

Inspired by the many schools who have followed the successful commercial outsourcing model for subjects such as STEM and Dance, here is a conference for those seeking a way to go the next logical step.

The Personal Outsourcing Conference (2019) is the perfect conduit for teachers to discover how workers in the USA are already enjoying the benefits of outsourcing. Watch this newsflash video for more detail…

  • Newsflash: Personal Outsourcing Conference - 2019


If you are thinking of investing in a textbook, consider the advice here first


For those trying to understand everything, and who have the time to do it: (this video is long and heavy going..):


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