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Hi my name is Midnight. I am an Australorp. My favourite movie is ‘Charlotte’s Web’. On the weekend I like to sit on the chicken swing in my coop. I am a shy hen and my closest friend is Shadow.


Hi my name is Pickles. I am an Australorp. My favourite movie is ‘Over the Hedge’. I enjoy playing hendball (handball) with my friends in the chicken coop. I really like to eat old food scraps especially apple cores and most of all I love worms.


Hi my name is Autumn. I am a Barter Brown hen. Barter Browns are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn. Every four years I compete in the Chicken Olympics. At the 2016 Chicken Olympics I won gold in the 100m and 200m sprint. My running speed is what gave me my name, Bolt.


Hi my name is Sugar. I am a Leghorn. I really enjoy going to the cinema and watching movies. Every time I go to the movies I treat myself to popcorn, as it is my favourite food. I believe that the best movie of all time is ‘Cheaper By the Dozen’.

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