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Students learn:

Curriculum Learning Activities
SCIENCE Real world monitoring
ART Blended multimedia elements
ENGINEERING Interactive control of real-world devices
MATHEMATICS Use co-ordinates for positioning

STEAMpunk Young Makers

Your mission is to create a robot and/or an artistic experience based on principles of robotics using Raspberry Pi and a web browser to control devices attached to remote control switches.

You have remote control (via web browsers) of four power switches.

You may plug devices into the powers sockets and use a web browser to turn them fully on, off or 'flash them.

Based on your results, do you think that knowing more about art is useful for a 'maker'?


You may write a script to control the browser or simply click using your mouse.

You may create your own HTML page and copy-paste the control URL(s) into your own page. You may add sounds, video, images and any other multimedia content of your choice

You can find out more about creating your own web page and adding multimedia content in the STEAM YOUNG-CODERS section.

Advanced Examples

Advanced HTML - How to add interactive multimedia to your web pages:

Students will be supplied with a complete set of files that they can download to experiment and play with. This allows the students to customise and edit all features found in the examples below, plus optionally incorporate their own original multimedia works:

Working With Interactive ImageMaps

*NOTE: Example 03 requires access to youtube - The TV content may not work from inside school.

Working With Interactive Sound + ImageMaps

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